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The Point Crreator


Hi there! I'm Emily, a self-taught home cook from Wisconsin. I started this blog in 2020, as a way to keep me occupied during the Corona Virus Lockdown. "The Point" is named in inspiration from all of the blogs out there that create a difficult path to the recipe. We are the blog without the blog. When you find a recipe you want to make, all you have to do is click the link! No scrolling or anything.

My husband, Tyler, will tell you that I have way too many cookbooks and I don't need any more. But one of my favorite things to do is flip through the colorful pages filled with new food adventures. So no honey, I do need more!

To be completely honest, my taste palette can be classified as "picky". I'm continuously growing my repertoire which now includes a lot more than it used to. I'm very open to trying new things - recently dined on Indian cuisine for the first time and oh my goodness is that delicious! Luckily for me, Tyler is great at pushing me to take just a small bite of his more adventurous dishes (I tried octopus a couple times!)


The recipes you see on The Point are ones that I eat for dinner every night. They're not all health - or none of them are healthy - but they're delicious and that's what matters to me.

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